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Payment is to be made in full prior to the commencement of the booking. A booking fee is required at the time of booking and deducted from the balance. Payment conditions will be detailed in the quotation.

Pick up and Drop off are generally to one common destination. Contact us for any specific requirements if more than one pick up and drop off is required.

EBus and its Drivers reserve the right to refuse violent or intoxicated passengers. Any passengers disobeying driver instructions will be ejected from the Bus and/or the whole transfer immediately cancelled.

EBus reserves the right to request passengers provide proof of identification and record contact details on a passenger manifest.

The group organiser will be required to sign a condition forum at the commencement of the pick up as to minior previous damage ( mark on the seats ect) to interior of the Bus. We take this step to ensure fairness to your group.  

The group organiser will authorise EBus to deduct up to $1000 from a nominated Credit Card for any damages that may be caused by the passengers during the journey. Should this occur EBus will contact the group organiser within 24 hours with details of the damages. (e.g) If the damage is 100 dollars them that amount only will be deducted. 

Any passenger who causes damage to EBus vehicles will be prosecuted criminally and or civil action will be taken. 

EBus will not be held liable for any late departure or arrival due to unforeseen traffic conditions or conditions beyond the control of EBus . EBus accepts no responsibility or liability for any missed flights, cruises or any other corresponding booking or event.

Please consider travel time when requesting a quote. We recommend leaving up to 45 minutes early to get your group to its destination with plenty of spare time. 

No glass beverages are allowed on EBus buses at any time. plastic bottles are acceptable in moderation on our route buses ( this does not include alcohol which we dont allow) as they are easily cleaned. Please note EBus does NOT allow food and drinks onboard our Coaches as the cleaning required to keep the coach interior clean and comfortable can be high and the spilling of alcohol , soft drinks and food will stain the seats and the carpet floorsBottled water is expected on our Coaches. People with medical conditions that require food during the trip on the Coach will be catered for. See quotation form for any specific conditions or special requirements regarding your charter.

EBus accepts no liability for any lost or stolen items (including luggage) left in our buses. Any recovered items will be held by EBus for 30 days then disposed of accordingly.

EBus has full insurance and public liability cover.  It's important you understand no members of your group are covered unless they are aboard our Buses in transit. Once any member of your group disembark the Bus they are no longer covered by EBus.  All activities away from the Bus are at your own risk.

EBus reserve the right to capture video footage of your journey for security purposes.

 By signing the passenger manifest you hereby grant Ebus authority to use any photos or video footage as to identify persons causing damage or behaviour that warrants action.

All quotations are subject to change and not confirmed until you have received a “Confirmation of Booking” notification from our office and paid a booking fee to secure the requested bus on the day of your charter. Please note the booking fee's are N/A for school bookings. 

Cancellations: Cancelling a confirmed booking will forfeit the Booking Fee paid however cancellations received 14 days or more prior to the booking date can request the Booking fee be held for 3 months for re-booking and will forfeited thereafter if not redeemed during the 3 month period.